Mac app freezing on sleep idle

Noticed that when I have a timer running and I’ll just close my laptop, the app has frozen and is unresponsive after opening the laptop again. Essentially closing the lid puts my Mac to sleep. The network also changes usually during the lid closed, if that is any helpful information.

What I would be expecting, is the app to detect that the computer has been in sleep and firing the idle time detection. Now the whole time is there and the timer is running after forcing the app to quit and reopen.

Settings enabled:

  • stop timer if screen locks
  • stop timer if mac goes to sleep
  • stop timer if mac powers off
  • detect idle time: 15 minutes

MacOS BigSur v11.2.3

Hi, could you please contact our support team with the details regarding the issue?
And they will look into this issue further.

Thank you.