Locking Submited Timesheets

As an admin I would like to be able to have the option to enable/disable locking timesheets once they have been submitted for approval. Currently, the only way to do so is by locking timesheets submission at a certain time weekly, monthly… I would like to lock users from making changes after clicking on Submit for Approval.

Hi Jessica,

Kindly note that timesheets get locked once the submitted timesheet is approved. While they are submitted for approval they can be edited but those edits are visible on the pending tab of the approvals.
However, I noted this down and if other users suggest a similar request, we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback!

Well same here, In my opinion it is more natural when user sends Timesheet to aproval it become locked till manager rejects it… or remain locked when approve…

And in subject of timesheets and approvals… it would be also very nice if manager could edit users timesheet in approval tab just as he can in Reports. It would be much faster to edit users hours there…