Local Server?

Is it possible to run clockify without the cloud? Is there a desktop version? Or can I host a fake server in my localhost? I would like to track my time in work, but my employer have a strict policy towards any cloud based application.

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Kindly note that Clockify has the subdomain option on the Enterprise plan.

When you upgrade to Enterprise you will get “Authentication” tab in the “Workspace settings”. There, you will be able to enter the subdomain you’d like to use and move your workspace to that subdomain.

If you are asking about the self-hosted version, I am afraid we have stopped offering it relatively recently.

Clockify desktop apps are available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Now instead of it, we do have Data regions, where you can choose in which region you wish to store your data.

In case you any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Forum, or Clockify Support Team at support@clockify.me