List of task by taskid

Trying to obtain the task name by using the taskid.

We can obtain a list of projects.

And a list of tasks per project with:
curl -H “X-Api-Key: MYKEY”{workspaceid}/projects/{projectid}/tasks

But when trying to get details by taskid :
curl -H “X-Api-Key: MYKEY”{workspaceid}/projects/{projectid}/tasks/{taskid}

Get the following {“message”:“Request method ‘GET’ is not supported”,“code”:3000}

Any ideas how to resolve?

Hello Guily,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum!

Could you please let me know in the Headers you have Content-Type: application/json?

You could also reach out to us at so that we can troubleshoot this a bit further.


Hi @David ,
Yes with or without -H “Content-Type:application/json”, get the same.
Will reach out to the email.