Linux app not logging in correctly

When I try to run the Linux app, I click the Log in button and am taken to the Clockify website, where I am logged in and asked to allow Clockify to run xdg-open. However, Clockify instead opens a new tab with what appears to be a malformed URL: clockify//accessToken=somerandomgibberishhere&refreshToken=thatisundecipherablebyhumans. I have tried changing this to clockify:// with no success. My guess is that either the URL handler is not properly registered with XDG or Clockify is not opening a correctly formed URL.

Could somebody give more insight into this issue, or perhaps could a developer look into this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Loren,

Could you please contact us via since Clockify forum is dedicated to new feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback, but not bug reporting?
Thank you!

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