Chrome Extension Integration?

First let me say, THANK YOU for the awesome product! Clockify does the job and it does it damn near perfectly.

Our team has switched from Gitlab boards to and after migrating over we realized that we had lost one of the best features… Clockify integration with Gitlab! So now we’re scratching our head wondering how we’ll manage easily clocking time against our Linear tickets.

So I gotta ask, Is Linear on your radar at all? If not, can it be? :wink:

Thank you again Clockify Team!

Hi there,

Thank you for your kind words. We are glad to hear that you like our app. Currently, we do not have any plans to make an integration with, I am sorry for the disappointing news.

We will note down your suggestion for the future and thank you for letting us know what is that you are looking for from our app.

Have a nice day.

It’s possible to add an integration with some web app without having to wait for us, if you have a bit of coding experience.

Our browser extension (and the integration through them) are open source.

Which means, you can develop the integration with Linear yourself in an hour or two, and send us a pull request so we can include it in our official browser extension.

You can learn more here: GitHub - clockify/browser-extension: Clockify Browser Extension

We will absolutely do this! Thank you!!!