Latest version (with screenshots)

Hello guys,

first of all, thank you for the very good and very useful application!!! Till now I was really happy with it and helped me a lot.
Unfortunately, the last version brought in some bugs which, at least for me, are quite annoying.

  1. The new functionality with screenshots! I don’t want to use it, but every time, when I start the timer I got a pop-up that Clockufy can’t access my desktop and create screenshots. I know that :smiley: as I don’t want to use this function. So would be possible to have some kind of enable/disable option for it?
  2. I think there are some permissions issues introduced with the screenshot functionality till the latest version, the application was working well with starting/ending timer based on the unlock/lock of my MacBook, but with the latest version this is not working anymore.

Best regards,

Hello Simon,

Thank you for the kind words and your feedback!

Kindly note that you can now download the latest version from our website (2.8.4 is the latest version).

Please test it out and if the issue still occurs you can contact us at