Jira "Start timer" button no longer creates a task with ticket number

Recently found that clicking the “Start timer” button on a Jira ticket doesn’t create a task with the jira ticket number in the name, instead it creates a task named “Projects {ticket title}”. This messes with some automation I’ve put in place to log time from Clockify to Jira. For now, I’ve been altering the name of the task myself, but this removes some of the appeal of Clockify for me, since I can use a lot of other tools to track time for tasks I name myself.

Hi there,

thanks for reporting this! Please note that such issues and bug reports should not be posted in this category or forum.

Instead, we suggest you contact us at support@clockify.me where our support team will be able to look into this more thoroughly and take note if there are any problems.

Thank you for understanding!