Jira Chrome extension: how we manage to overcome constant Jira UI changes and display start timer button where it is needed

Hey! I know that Jira updates CSS frequently and therefore it is hard to make sure the ‘Start timer’ button is there when it’s needed. Therefore as far as I recall Clockify decided to launch Jira extension and do not support Jira in its Chrome extension.
However, if you work on an external project and you could not suggest to the customer to install anything to their Jira just for you, things became complicated.
We in Railsware found a solution. We grabbed opensource code for the Сдщслшан Chrome extension and extended it a bit. I am using it for a year and it works smoothly so far despite of any changes.
What approach did we use?
The idea is to look for an issue number for url in the page and display “Start timer” button near that container.
Here is what it looks like:

It works in backlog view too, as Jira always has an issue number in the URL and therefore we can grab it
and look for it is page code.
Is there a chance you can update your official Chrome extension with the same logic? As of now, I am using both of them and it would be just perfect to have one.

Thanks for sharing the solution!

If you (or anyone else) wish, you can update the atlassian.js on our GitHub repo, submit a pull request, and we can include it in the extension.

The extension is open source, so everyone is welcome to add and improve integrations. Cheers!