Is there a way to show how many hours I have worked on the mini-timer?

It seems the mini timer acts more like a running clock, but I need that to always show the total amount of hours worked in a day.

We do not use a running clock, but rather manually add time in 30 minute, to 1 hour intervals. But the main thing is that this clock show when we have achieved 6 hours.

Thank you

Hello there,

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Are you referring to the mini timer on the Desktop application, or maybe the browser extension?

In case you are referring to the Desktop app, the mini version is designed so that the time could be entered easily without the app taking up a lot of space on the screen and preventing users from seeing their work.

You can always reach us at and we’ll gladly assist.


Hi David,

Yes I was referring to the desktop application which allows the dominant window. Our staff are in need of something exactly like that, but with an option to also show the total time for the day in that small dominant window. That way they will avoid the need to navigate to the tab to check if they’ve reached 6 hours of productivity.

It is not a big deal if this feature/setting does not exist, but if it does we would surely use it. Nice product! Thanks for the quick reply too.


Thanks for clarifying this for us. I can definitely see how this could be a useful feature and I would like to fill out a feature request form for this feature and forward it over to the team for review and possible consideration in one of the future updates.


Good Morning David, thank you so much for the quick reply and potential action on this request, I appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good day, and rest of your weekend!