Is there a way to add utilisation hours and working day hours?

I’d like to be able to add daily working hours (e.g. 7hrs) AND utilisation hours (e.g. 5hrs). Is this possible?

Example: a person works 7hrs a day. 5hrs of their day is to be used on client work, the rest internal activities. Is there a way to track this?

Hello Beth,

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With the current design of the app, it is possible to edit each user’s daily working capacity, entering the number of hours they need to work.

The current design for the daily capacity does not have an option to sub-categorize that time, but I will submit a feature request on your behalf for this to be considered for possible implementation in the future editions of the app.


Thanks for confirming David. The issue we have at the moment is that if we set the users daily working capacity to below their full working hours it makes any half day time off as only half of the capacity, not an actual half day. So if you could put a request forward that would be great as it would be a big help to us. Thanks!

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