Is it possible to update an approved time entry as admin?


We have made some updates to Custom field drop-down values. We would like to make a mass update to old time entries to ensure these are reported correctly.

Is there any way to update the time entries as an admin (or other process) without withdrawing the approval?


Hi Matt, welcome to the Clockify forum!

Iā€™m afraid not, as the purpose of the Approval feature is to lock the entries from changes and to leave a trace if the changes are being made.
The only way to make changes to approved entries is to for the admin to withdraw them first and state a reason for the withdrawal in the note during the process.
After you finish making changes you can submit them and approve them again.


Hi - I would support an easier way to do this - we have several time entries that have been recorded to the wrong task over several month which is now impacting budgets etc. I want to change these, but cannot do this without withdrawing and resubmitting several weekly timesheets for several users. Perhaps you could have a user type that has super-rights to do this? Or at least allow bulk withdrawal resubmission of individual time entries. Thanks.