Is it possible to see the weekly time off totals in the timeline view?

In the Time off timeline view, say for example that you aree seeing the “las week”, it would be useful to have the total time off for a team member for this period.
Thank you

Hello Francesco,

Could you please provide me with some additional details on what exactly you would like to be able to see on the timeline view?

By the current design of the app, as an admin, you will be able to see the time off for each user of the workspace. If days are green-colored, they are approved time off.

I am looking forward to your reply!


Yes, but without the total you have to manually count the hours. It’s not obvious that the time off is it for an entire day. See the example:

Hey Francesco,

Thanks for the feedback, it’s highly appreciated. I see how useful that would be to have the total time off for a team member.

I will definitely forward it to our Product team, and even though I can’t promise anything at this moment, they will surely take it into consideration.