Invoiced status not imported after CSV import

I wanted to change some entries, so I exported them as CSV, edited them in excel, deleted the entries in clockify and then imported the edited CSV file. This worked well but it seems that the ‘Invoiced’ status of all my entries is now lost. Is this a known issue?

Hi Koen,

The import will not take in the “Invoiced” tag from the CSV file because importing time entries means creating new ones.

The invoice created from time entries is tied to that specific entry in the system. If you exported the CSV file, deleted the entries from which an invoice was created, and imported back the CSV file, it wouldn’t take the “Invoiced” tag, as those entries are newly created and are not tied to the invoice (as the invoice took in the old entries).
Since the imported entries are new entries made, they would not be tied to an invoice and thus wouldn’t have the “Invoiced” tag.

I would recommend bulk editing the new entries, and marking them as invoiced.

I hope this clarifies it a bit.

All the best,