Invoice subscription by mail

Would be great to get teh subscription invoice (pdf) by mail. now i need to go the site to download it, which i a manual thing which could be easily automated.

Currently, it’s possible only to receive receipts by email, but we appreciate the suggestion!

Sorry but i don’t understand the answer. It is or it is not?
If not, can this be added to the backlog to get the invoice by mail from Clockify? So it’s not the invoice based on the hours, but the invoice for the subscription of clockify

When you go to Workspace settings > Subscription Tab > Edit invoice information, the email you entered there will receive the receipt for the workspace subscription once it is created. Receipts and invoices are not the same files, the invoices can be downloaded in the same subscription tab.

We don’t have plans adding the option to receive invoices by email at the moment, but thank you for letting us know what you’re looking for.