Invoice import time is empty ($0) for week with hours for selected client

I am trying to make an invoice for one of my clients for a week that I put hours into projects for, but when I go to import that week into an invoice, it doesn’t import anything, and the total is $0. I know that I put in hours during that week for this client because when I go to calendar I see the hours. However, when I import it into an invoice it doesn’t import anything.

I did select all projects, and selected the week in question, and yet there is still nothing imported. This is very frustrating and concerning. Now I’m questioning the accuracy of my previous invoices. I have tried deleting the invoice and trying it again, double checking everything and it’s still empty

Edit: I just found the issue, I accidentally imported the wrong week for 12/17, accidentally importing the 12/24 week, so the hours for that week were already invoiced and thus weren’t able to be invoiced on this one. I deleted that invoice and fixed it, now it’s working.

However, I think there are some key changes that would keep something like this from happening in the future and provide a ton of value for the user:

  1. Please make a warning popup whenever a user tries to import time from hours that have already been invoiced saying “Some of these hours have already been imported on another invoice!” or something to that effect. Bonus points if it specifies which invoice it was on.

  2. Please add a column in the Invoices table for the start and end date of the range that was imported. Currently the only date columns are Issue Date and Due Date, which don’t give any information about what dates the actual hours in the invoice fell on. I don’t always issue the invoices at exactly regular intervals. This would make it very easy to see if an invoice has the wrong hours imported into it as “Client 5 Week 12/17” would show hours starting on 12/24. Otherwise when this happens, the user has to open and investigate every single invoice.