Invoice Feature: Project Codes

I work multiple simultaneous Projects for multiple Clients and each Project has its own unique Project Code. At the end of each month, I need to send each of my Clients an Invoice with line items for each worked Project, the Project Code, total quantity of Project hours worked, unit price, and line item cost amount. For example, I might have 20 time entries for a total of 40 hours of work done, at $10 an hour, for “Client X”, in a project named “Integrations”, with code “07-33-8888-0685”, and several other similar projects for this same client. When I generate an invoice at the end of the month, I would need the invoices to generate something similar to “Project + Code + Quantity + Unit Price + Amount” for each of the worked projects. It would look something like this:

Integrations - 07-33-8888-0685 | 40.00 | 10.00 | 400.00
Other Proj1 - XX-XX-2021-0001 | 45.00 | 20.00 | 900.00
Other Proj2 - XX-XX-2021-0002 | 90.00 | 25.00 | 2,250.00
Other Proj3 - XX-XX-2021-0003 | 90.00 | 10.00 | 900.00
SUBTOTAL | 4,450.00 USD

Aside from manually entering the Project Codes on the Invoice each month, there are currently only two work-arounds: Include the Project Code as part of the Project name (making them way too long for the app to display properly) or create Tags with each code, which must then be added to every single time entry (fairly cumbersome). Unfortunately, in order to display the Tags on the Invoice, users must select “Group Hours: Detailed”, which breaks the line item grouping (my use case would generate upwards of 100 lines).

I request a solution such as adding a new field of “Project Code” in the “PROJECT SETTINGS” area, along with a Yes/No toggle field like “Include Project Code on Invoices”. The feature would function as follows:

Project Code field is empty:
No change to the usual processes.

Project Code field contains characters + “Include” is toggled OFF:
Project Code value captured and available for use in the various reporting areas.

Project Code field contains characters + “Include” is toggled ON:
Project Code value captured and available for use in the various reporting areas, PLUS when an Invoice is generated and grouped by Project, the Project Code value would either be addended to the end of the item Description field or displayed in a new second column.

This feature request is similar to “Add Projects id and Customer id field”, but isn’t resolved by the suggestion of using Custom Fields.