Integration with - project structure import


we have set up the integration of Clockify within We can see the Clockify timer in Monday tasks (items). Logging time in Monday is visualised in Clockify.

However, currently it only works for individual tasks/items. How do we mimic the project/board structure of Monday in Clockify? I can not find any documentation on this.

Without the higher level structure of Monday, integration with Clockify seems not be fullfilling our needs.

In short, we want to group time tracking of tasks according to their project that they belong to.

Any advice? best Kristof

Hello there,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum.

Kindly note that Clockify integration with Monday works in a way where you can track time on Monday via the timer for an individual task/project. Unfortunately, this integration does not have an option to directly transfer the structure from Monday to Clockify.

In case you require any additional assistance with this integration, please reach out to the Support Team at