Integration with Microsoft Planner

Hi there, I see in the Google Chrome app that the “Enable Integrations” settings page includes the permission for “Microsoft Planner - microsoft-planner”.

However, Microsoft Planner isn’t included in the list on

It also seems a bit strange that it is listed on the “Enable Integrations” as “microsoft-planner” with no .com, .org, .io, etc. like all the other integrations in the list.

I’m very keen to add an integration to Clockify from a Planner taskcard so I’m hoping that there actually is a Clockify integration with Planner in progress/done.

Anyone got any clarification or tips please?

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Hi Matt!

Microsoft Planner integration should be available with the next update of the extension, currently it is not working.

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Hi @jovana that’s great to know and also clarified my confusion between the Clockify Chrome extension integration capabilities and the Clockify app integration capabilities.

The feature in the Chrome extension to start timer from selected text sounds useful too!

So last question: any timeframe on the next update of the extension please?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeframe for this yet since there are a few more things we need to resolve before the update.

Hi. Do we have any news for this Microsoft Planner Integration?

Hi Lucas! Our browser extension is open source, the code for the MS Planner integration has been added by another developer. We merged their request a couple of months ago so the MS Planner integration was available then, but it seems it stopped working again.

Note that you can still track time from the selected text in any app.