Integration with Google Tasks

I really like your product, great job! However, I would like it if I can track time on Google Tasks. My use is pretty simple as I’m only using it for myself to keep track of the time I spend on various tasks and project related tasks. I try to keep things simple, so I lean toward using Google Tasks in gmail as my task management tool. It allows me to create tasks directly from email, creating a link to that email. It’s also right in the same window as my email, making an easy one stop location for creating tasks. The one thing that usually kills me for using task time tracking is having to bounce between windows to do it, I want to be able to create all my tasks from one place that I’m in 90% of the time: my gmail window. I could use Keep, but Gmail does not have the same “add to tasks” feature for Keep, plus Clockify does not have the time tracking integration within the Gmail Keep panel.

I already understand that I can track time from the email itself, which is handy for on the fly asks that I just want to take care of or track how much time I’m spending responding. However, there are times when I want to generate a task that isn’t originated from an email. So this is why I’d like to be able to track time within Google Tasks itself.

Thanks again for the great product!

Hi Richard! Welcome to the Clockify community.

I can definitely see how Google Tasks integration would be useful in your workflow. Currently, there are no plans for this integration but I noted it down and if other users suggest similar request, we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback!

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there will be lots of people wanting to use this integration. tasks will get traction and it will be a very valuable feature.


Hi Graham,

You can definitely upvote this suggestion if you also find the GTasks integration useful. :slight_smile:

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Hi i have upvoted for Integration, it would be really nice to seem both integrations working happily.
Can you guys let us know when we can have this integration.

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Is there any update on this sugesstion?

Hi Hajar, welcome to Clockify Forum!

There’s still no update on this, but we added your vote to the suggestion.
So thanks for sharing.


I too vote for this integration . Google Task is much more convenient than Microsoft todo.