Integrate Multiple accounts

Brief Overview
I have a personal Clockify account to track my hours for my client’s work. I also am contracted through agencies where they use their own Clockify account. They add me to theirs and have me track my hours on their account. The trouble is, I have to either log my hours while signed in both accounts, which is not realistic to do, or log hours through my clients account and manually add/update my personal account to match.

A feature I’d Like
The ability to track hours through another party’s account while it adds and updates on my personal account. One way to solve this is if another business wants to add you to their account, they search on Clockify for your name/account and add you to theirs for specific projects. That way, they can keep tryack and have record of your hours and your personal account will have records.

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Perhaps you could make use of different workspaces if you have multiple clients you work for, so you can have one Clockify account with multiple workspaces on it.

They all just need to invite you to their workspace and you simply switch between workspaces depending on the client you work for at the moment. This way there wouldn’t be a need to have multiple accounts.

Example: I have one Clockify account with email address. I work for clients: A, B, and C. Each of these clients have their own Clockify accounts - therefore, they all have their own workspaces and they invite me to join and track time in their workspace.
Now I have access to these workspaces and can track time for my clients in their respective workspace from my personal Clockify account. Neither of them will be able to see what I tracked in a different workspace since workspace are designed to be completely separate.

You can find out more about workspaces here.

Thanks! @jovana

You know what I think the issue is? I have a gmail account that allows me to use periods anywhere in-between my email address which makes it so I could have dozens of emails and they’ll all still be sent to my email address. I think my client invited me using a period somewhere in my email address so that’s why it’s not linking up with my personal account. I will ask them to update on their end so I don’t have to be keeping track on two separate accounts.

I appreciate the quick response!

Ah, I see. If that’s the case you can ask them to invite you with the proper email address and then when you accept the invitation it will link with your account and you’ll be able to track time in their workspace.

Let us know if you run into any questions!