Incorrect Report Totals


I’m hoping someone can help me understand some of the numbers I’m seeing in reports in Clockify. For some reason, project totals in reports and under the Projects tab don’t add up the way I would expect.

For example, one project I was examining had 8.01 total hours, with 6.70 billable hours. For an hourly rate of $35/hr, the report lists $234.39, but 35 x 6.70 should be $234.50. For some reason, a lot of my projects have that small discrepancy in the project totals, always less than $1. To throw in a little twist, the correct total is shown if I import this into an invoice, it just seems to show the wrong number on reports and in the Project tab.

My initial thought was that rounding settings were the issue, but I’ve tried different settings in that tab and it doesn’t change the output. Also, I have rounding unselected on the report.

Has anyone else run into this?


Hello Andrew!

Are you by any chance using a different hourly rate on your workspace that could interfere with the standard hourly rate?
Also, could you please reach out to our support at for additional help so our support can assist you further?