Inconsistent Time Capture Frontend vs API

Clockify is not providing truthful hours spent on a task.

In the attached appendix we see that on the front end, the task Account Management has used up 15.67 hours. But the data we pull from the Clockify API says the time spent on this task was 2 hours 30 minutes.

Please help I don’t quite see what’s going on here “duration”: “PT2H30M” ?

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As this has been reported to our Support team over the email, please note that they have already forwarded it for investigation.
You will receive an update regarding this from our colleagues as soon as possible.

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Hi Sara do you and your team have any updates? It has been just under 2 weeks now and we might just leave this service if it cannot meet these basic needs.

Hi there,

We have checked this with the Dev team and it seems that it is still in progress.
Please note that you will receive an update from support.

Thank you for your patience!