Incomplete/inadequate UX

After reading through I decided to give the app a try for a week.

I am looking to do both time boxing and time blocking, improving on my current setup which is based on google calendar and todoist.

However after a week of use I’m finding that clockify does neither time blocking nor time boxing particularly well:

  • The calendar view is only available on the web, not in the app (Android)?

  • Worse, the calendar view appears read only?

My main problem with google calendar for instance is how cumbersome it is to block out my workday (in terms of steps), but at least it’s reasonably visual. In order to create a time block with clockify I have to use the time tracker tab and add a new entry, that’s actually worse.

  • Actual timeboxing is awkward?

Let’s say I create an entry: 30 min to write down my thoughts about clockify. Then press start as I write this post, and stop when I’m done.

I would expect the block of time I initially created to update with the time I actually spent. Instead I now have two entries: the block I initially scheduled (30 minutes), and a second entry with the time I actually spent between start and stop (20 minutes).

I need to delete the initial block if I want accurate total time reporting. That’s an extra step, I shouldn’t have to do this?