Important feature request - "Adjustment entry"

This would make a lot of people happy:

On time entry line items, add a switch to toggle on/off a feature named “Adjustment entry”. When toggled on, the Start/End times become blank/disabled and you can type a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE total time in the total time field.
For example, an entry could just contain the description and the total time, like this:
Description field: Subtract for afternoon 30 min break
Time field: -0:30 (i.e. entered as negative 30 minutes)

The Reports totals should of course include the “Adjustment entries” in the total time. i.e. add positive adjustments, and subtract the negative adjustments.
The adjustments would affect either Billable or Not Billable time depending on the “billable status” field.

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I will be happy to submit this as a feature request to the Product team for them to review this idea and consider it for future updates.