Import time entries/breaks

I’m just trying to add a standard break to a set of users, just to save them adding it (easier to delete entry if required), so was trying to import a 30 minute break to every workday for the rest of the year.
When I do this and populate the “Break” field with “Break” (I concluded this from a detailed report export that showed this), the imported time entries aren’t shown as breaks.
Is this a bug or feature? Any ideas?
Tanks in advance - Roland

Just completeness, I was looking at importing a standard break each week as an alternative to copying last week into the next on the app. This would have been a solution, but you don’t appear to have the option in the app to copy the hours as well as the project/task (as is possible on the web version). Otherwise our users could just copy the previuous week, and dlete any other task entries they didn’t need.