IMPORT /EXPORT ALL Tasks from one project


Is it possible to export or import all tasks from a project ?

The detail report allow only to export tasks if time tracking was done.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Christophe! Welcome to Clockify forum!

Unfortunately, we do not have Import option at the moment.
In the section Reports, you will have tasks with tracked time. If you need the whole task list, you can open the project and use CTRL+P (Windows/Linux) or Command+P (Mac) shortcut and print this page.

Hi Milena,

Thanks for your answer, CTRL+P is to print screen information (not able to manipulate Datas).
I would like be able to cross some tasks data from/to excel file.

Do you know if this kind of features could be done in the future ?

Best regards,

You are welcome, Christophe, anytime!

In the future, we will have Import and Project Export options, but unfortunately, I do not have the ETA.
Using a print option, you will have a task list, but you will not be able to manipulate dates.
Thank you for sharing with us what you are looking for.