How to submit Timesheet's daily for Approval (instead of weekly)

Hi there,

Is there a way to submit timesheets for approval daily instead of weekly?

Or does this already exist in possibly the Enterprise Plan?

Hi Agnus, welcome to Clockify forum!

The Time approval feature is designed for submitting weekly timesheets. But thanks for your suggestion, it has been noted down.


The ability to submit timesheets for approval daily, or select days would be much more practical than weekly approvals. If month end or payroll dates land mid-week, it creates a lot of confusion and more work for the payroll team to have to manually go back to figure out which days were already approved and paid for. There are definitely other apps out there that support this. Hopefully this will be possible on Clockify in the near future!

This is the only feature that I found lacking, but everything else in our Clockify trial seemed great and user-friendly.


While it’s not possible to select days for approval, this workaround might help when you need to submit time mid-week.
You can submit only the first few days in the timesheet. Then add another row, select projects and tasks, populate the time and submit the timesheet again.