How to prevent Dashboard opening in browser

Hi Everyone,

I love clockify for the simple and quick time entry.

I installed Clockify(v2.02) on a new computer with Windows 10 and now it opens the dashboard in my browser (Chrome). How do I prevent this??

I want to use the windows app, not a browser to use the Time Tracker entry system which can only be accessed by going to the Dashboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Jon1, welcome to Clockify Forum.

At this time there is no option to open reports and dashboards directly within the app.
We had more feedback from other users on how they would prefer if the dashboard and reports would open within the app. We will add your vote to that suggestion. Thank you for letting us know what it is that you are looking for from our app.

Have a nice day.

Hi Mille,

Thanks for the response. I am confused by your response because this used to exist in Clockify.

When i re-installed this on a new pc now that behavior changed to using the browser.

Hi Jon1,

You are absolutely right. We decided to remove it because of the upgrades that were being done.

I will definitely add your vote for this feature to get back where it was.

Have a nice day.