How to manage untracked time

Hi there,

In our company we would like to automatically add a time entry once the timesheet is submitted/approved in case there’s a missing time comparing it to the user’s capacity.

User’s capacity: 6 hours/day (32hours/week)
Tracked time: Monday: 4,5h, Tue: 6h, Wed: 5,5h, Thu: 7h, Friday: 6h (total: 30 hours)
Newly added time entries for untracked time: Mon: 1,5h, Wed: 0,5h

How can this be achieved?

Thank you

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Hi Dom,

Thank you for using Clockify, and for taking part in our forum.

Kindly note that with the current design of the app it’s not possible to achieve that outcome.

However, I can definitely see how useful that would be for you, so I will create the feature request and forward it to our Product team.

Even though I can’t promise anything at this moment, they will surely take it into consideration for the future.


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I also understand that managing untracked time is not currently supported by the Clockify App’s design. I appreciate you creating a feature request and forwarding it to the Product team

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@John_IK thank you for this. I hope it will appear on product roadmap :slight_smile:

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Is it appear on your product roadmap or map, let us know too, It would be very helpful.