How to keep track of Accrued Time Off and Time Off In Lieu Taken


I was hoping for ideas of how we could keep track of our employee’s accrued time off and also the balance after reducing time off in lieu taken. Our employees have a fixed number of hours they are expected to work each week, and if they clocked more than the expected hours, they can then accrue the extra hours to take time off in lieu at another time.

We have created a project called Time Off In Lieu - and employees use that project when they use their accrued time off. If there a way we could track of the balance of accrued time off at any one time so that when employees allocated time to the Time Off In Lieu project, the accrued time off reduces?

Anyone with any suggestion of how you track this through Clockify?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Aranz and welcome to Clockify forum.

Clockify does not currently have a system for tracking time out of a fixed budget of hours.
Here are some recommendations from the team.
Each employee would get their own Time off in Lieu project and you would set a project estimate equal to de number of hours accumulated in Lieu. You could then use the project status tab to keep an eye on how many hours have been used. Then again when the employee accumulates more in Lieu hours than you increase the initial estimate.
This could be a way for you to keep track of how many hours your employees used up.

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Hi Srdjan, thanks for this suggestion which I think could work for our team.

From my understanding, in order to see a project status you have to be assigned the Project Manager role for that project i.e. if we want team members to be able to keep track of how many TOIL hours they have accumulated and how many they have used up, they will need to have Project Manager status? Regular users will not be able to see a project status, correct?

And Project Manager role is also required to enter/change a project estimate correct?


You are correct. Only project managers and administrators can see the project status page and change the estimate.
Regular users will be able to see the estimation while on the projects page.

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