How to keep a balance of overtime / comp time

At our company don’t get payed for overtime, instead we keep track of the number of hours of overtime we have, and then we can use them to take a long lunch or end early on fridays.

I really though we would be able to use the new time off feature for this but it doesn’t look promising.

I’m able to add a policy for “comp” time where I can see how many hours a specific employee has.
but there is no easy way for the employees to mark a task as overtime, or to specify how many hours they should do in a day and everything over those 8 hours, should be added to the comp time tab.

Are there any plans on implementing something like this?

Hi Leon, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Clockify doesn’t currently have a specific feature for tracking overtime.
What most users find helpful is creating a tag “overtime” so that you can assign it to time entries you work overtime to know which hours are over when you run your reports. Then, for example in Excel, you could deal with these hours manually.

And thanks for your feedback, it has been noted down.

Dear Jane and Leon,

I also pointed out this question some time ago.
Working with overtime-tags does not work for our company. We have high and low seasons and get time for time.
It would be very easy if we could put the “total target hours” per month (or day/week) and the system just compares with total worked hours that month.

For now I export the hours to an excell sheet to make the comparison, but I’m sure Clockify can help us saving time in these manual manipulations ;-).