How to integrate Workspaces

Is there any way to integrate workspaces in Clockify.

For example. In a company a project manger “A” has a workspace with team members, Projects, Clients and Project Manager B has a different Workspace. Is there any option for integrate Workspace A and Workspace under one account.

Thanks in advance

Hi @premkumar.kandasamy!

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A user that is a member of multiple workspaces would be able to access them at any time by clicking on the workspace name and then switching between them.

There isn’t a way to merge the workspaces, if that is what you mean, but on paid subscription plans, you can import the data from a CSV file.

So, what you can do is - you can export a detailed report from one workspace [for the time range that covers the entirety of the time tracked within that workspace], and then import that CSV file into another. That will import all the time entries, projects, clients, tasks and tags from one workspace to another.

You can learn more about the importing feature here.

Hope this helps, but if you have any more questions, let us know, or if needed - contact us at


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