How to include time off into Timesheets

Hello, once time off, ie. vacation has been approved, you can see it in function “Timeline”. You also can see the time off in the Timesheet. But the hours of vacation or in general time off ( i.e. hours of outside training) are not included. This would be good to have because if I download the report then I would have the total net working time of the employee. Net working time per week (Gross work time minus vacation time , minus other types of off time).
Workaround are to set up Tags and a customer field. Any other good thoughts?

thanks a lot

Hello, Niklaus!

Thank you for the feedback! Kindly note that we are currently working on the time off in the reports feature, which is in progress right now. You can refer to our roadmap for any future updates. One of the workarounds would be to use tags like you’ve mentioned for now.

If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to reach out at