How to filter tasks by assigned member?

I would like to set up a central Clockify account where I would like to measure the time of projects and related tasks. I assign people for each task, so they would also see the tasks to do from their own individual Clockify account.

Is there a way to filter the tasks assigned to them in an individual Clockify account, so she/he will only see that specific task from the time tracker tab to track time?
Or there is a way to filter tasks by assigned members in the project tab so the individual members only can see that task that assigned to them, not all of the tasks.

We are currently using the free version.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there, welcome to Clockify forum!

If you set a project to ‘private’ and assign people to related tasks through a task tab, they will be able see only those specific tasks in the project picker when making time entries.

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Dear Millena,

Thank you very much for your help, it works!

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First note down all the data, accounts, and member details then assign the projects to the member by creating a separate sheet for them so they will see only their tasks on separate tabs. If you still face problems then you can get help from Cheap Assignment Helper so your work will be organized and you won’t face any problems.