How to customize the Asana integration


in our use-case, every client has a section in Asana. So if i start the timer in asana, i want clockify to recognize the client from the section in which the task was located in Asana.

To make it clear once again:
Asana: Section = Client
Clockify: read the section of the task in Asana and set it as Client

Is it possible to customize the integration in that matter somehow?


Hi Matt,

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, it is would not be possible to customize the current integration with Asanain this way. But there is a way to create a custom integration that might work for you by using Zapier or Integromat since both tools give you the option to create a Client after certain action in Asana has been triggered.

Hope this helps, for any further help feel free to reach us at