How to change the default Invoice #?

New to Clockify and so far really enjoying the efficiency compared to my old (non-efficient) system. Quick question… is there a way to change the default Invoice ID number? Such a small thing but would be nice to have one less thing to remember. I jumped in and started doing year-end invoices for clients, with the first one numbered 645. I just want all subsequent invoices I create to be numbered accordingly (646, 647 etc) but the default had started at 1 so I change it manually each time.

Hello Amy, welcome to the Clockify forum!

Please note that, unfortunately, we do not currently have the option to change the default invoice number. You will be able to change it manually, but I understand if this is not the best solution for you.
I appreciate you explaining your workflow, and I can see how that feature would benefit you; therefore, I will ensure that this is forwarded to the product team as a suggestion.


Sure, it’s really quite simple. I’ve been doing this work for a long time and just number my invoices sequentially. I was up to #645 when I started using Clockify. Would be nice to be able to specify that first invoice number and just have them run through sequentially after that.

Thanks, by the way, for a great product!

Thank you for your feedback, Amy; I appreciate it! Yes, I can definitely see how that would come in handy in your case. No worries; I will definitely let the relevant team know!