How long does Clockify keep the log data users?

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I have a question about Clockify, and I had searched the web and this forum but did not find any related information, so I registered and created this post as well as my first post in Clockify forum.

While considering taking my Clockify log data as a part of my future reference of certain personal project, academic project and/or business project, I would like to know that how long does Clockify keep log data of users? I hope someone who knows can shed some light about aforementioned issue. Thank you.

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Data is retained forever unless you decide to delete the workspace or your account. Similarly if you manually delete a time entry, it will be unretrievable. However, there are fall-back mechanism to stop you from deleting an entry accidentally as you would need to confirm it.


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Thank you for your reply, and I am glad to see the information in your reply. It will be certain better if I can get hold of same information from official Clockify online document.


The data retention can be found on various Clockify help pages. Here’s a link to our official Privacy Policy.

The specific information can be found in the “Data retention” section.

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I check the info. in the “Data retention” section as you directed and copied the text and pasted as below, I did not see the information I am looking for, instead, it talk about deletion.

Data Retention

We store your personal information for as long as necessary to carry out the purposes for which we originally collected it and for other legitimate business purposes, including to meet our legal, regulatory, or other compliance obligations.

For Authorized Users, we retain your personal information for the duration of our agreement with your company, or until your company requests its deletion, whichever comes first, unless it is required to meet our legal, regulatory, or other compliance obligations. Additionally, some information, including but not limited to screenshots, GPS location, auto-tracking, and audit-log information are automatically and routinely deleted after a designated time as part of our data retention policies.

Thank you for your reply. I’d be glad to provide assurance that Clockify keeps user data until deleted.

The above indicates that information is stored until it’s deleted. In addition to information that is routinely deleted by design in regards to the screenshots, GPS, auto tracker, and the audit log feature.

Additionally, you can see the official help pages where it’s mentioned that all data is retained until the workspace or the account is deleted (Downgrading to free does not affect data only access to extra features. If the workspace had only been using the Free plan, the data is kept until the workspace or account is deleted as well)
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The information can be found here as well as here.

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Thanks a lot. That help.