Help - How do you Enlarge the "Description" Field Size?

Help! My time entries need to be very descriptive, but the field length of “Description” field is not wide enough to show the entire time entry description, and it doesn’t wrap the text to the following line. But I also need to review all of my entries for spell check and clean up. How can I see and edit the entire length of time entry descriptions so I can see the entire description? Thanks!

Hello Pedrisimo,

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Please note that by the current design of the app, there’s no possibility to make the description field larger, but I will definitely share your idea as a feature request with our Product team.

As a workaround in the meanwhile, please note that once you run the detailed report, and export it as a PDF, you will be able to see the whole description.


Thanks for sharing this but there is no possibility of making the description field larger I will share this with my essay writing services team your idea is too helpful for my team.

Hey Raida,

Kindly note that the feature request based on the idea provided in this thread has already been forwarded to our Product team.

Even though we can’t promise anything at this moment, they will surely take it into consideration for future updates.


Thanks for your help on this.

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