Grouping JIRA issues


I’m looking at using Clockify to record the time my team spend on various tasks. We use Atlassian JIRA, with one JIRA project for service desk issues that they need to respond to, and one JIRA project for our kanban board of internal development.

The Clockify extension allows me to record time against items in either project fine, but within Clockify I would like them to be grouped according to the JIRA project automatically. I can see how I can choose the project from the browser extension when I start the timer, but this feels like an unnecessary step and will get tedious. Is there a way to set up a project to always map to certain tickets, e.g. on the project prefix?


Hi Charles and welcome to Clockify forum!

You can set up a default project in the extension, so all entries you track with the extension will be linked to that project. You can see more about it here.

Also, if your JIRA project has the same name (case sensitive) as the Clockify project, the extension should be able to pick up on that project and automatically select it.

Hi Jovana,

Thank you - creating projects with the same names as the JIRA projects did exactly what I wanted.


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Quick update: Extension can now also create projects and tasks in Clockify based on Jira (if you have the necessary workspace permission). You just need to enable it first in the extension’s Settings.