Global hotkeys

Hi All,
I am new to clockify. Could you tell me whether it is possible to set up global hotkeys to add a new task and start the timer?
I have seen that there is a clockify-cli project in github. What are your experiences with that cli?

Hi there, here is the list of all the shortcuts available in Clockify:


Keyboard shortcuts can be used on the Time Tracker page and will only work when you are not editing any fields (when your cursor is not active).

  • n = start N ew timer;
  • c = C ontinue latest entry.
  • s = S top current timer;
  • m = switch to M anual mode;

macOS desktop app

In order for shortcuts to work, your cursor needs to be focused on the Clockify window.

  • Cmd+S = Start the timer
  • Cmd+T = Stop the timer
  • Cmd+N = Enter manual time entry mode
  • Shift + Cmd + S = Save time entry when editing
  • Cmd+Y = Sync data
  • Cmd+L = Log out
  • Cmd+Option+R = Show/hide Clockify app from wherever you are

You can also define your own custom global shortcut for start/stop timer and hide/show app in Settings > Preferences > General.

Browser extension (Chrome, Firefox)

  • Ctrl+Shift+U = start/stop a timer without having to open the extension

Also, please note there is no shortcut for adding new task. To add a new task, please navigate to the Projects tab on the left sidebar menu, click on a desired project and add task manually.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

I have found these as well. Unfortunately these hotkeys work only if the clockify app is active (when its window has a focus). What I need is a global hotkey. I often got interrupts when I need to switch between tasks instantly and I have neither the time or the will to first find the window, where clockify is active and use the hotkey. It seems to me that such a feature is not available.


That is correct, the window needs to be in focus in order for the shortcuts to work.

An option that I could recommend trying would be either using our extension which would allow you easy access to your timer from any tab.
Alternatively, you can try keeping the app on top of other apps so that you have easy access to the window.

Hope this helps. Cheers!