Get user target from the API

I am able to get the total time for each user using the following endpoint:


I would like to the user target, but I do not see how. Does anybody have an idea?

I hoped that the following endpoint would give me this value, but it does not:


I am looking for the following data of each user:

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 15.42.15

Hi there. I am afraid that we do not have that endpoint available at the moment. Thank you for letting us know what are you looking for from our app. We noted it down and wish you a nice day.

Hi @Mille thank you for the reply.

I think adding the target to the results of /workspaces/{workspaceId}/users would suffice. A new endpoint would not be necessary in that case.

I saw that there is an targetId element, but I guess this is for internal purposes?

The target ID is unfortunately not related to the Time Target that you are referring to. At the moment we do not have plans to create this endpoint but we are always trying to improve the app based on our user’s feedback. I will be happy to share this with the relevant team for future development.