Forgetting to start/stop timer

“I forgot to start the timer” is the number one complaint we hear. “I forgot to stop the timer” is number two.

To help you be more accurate, we’ve developed some new features. (Available in the Chrome extension and Mac desktop app)

Started working?
Enable automatic start
Timer can automatically start ticking when you open your browser.

Taking a break?
Enable idle detection
When you come back, Clockify will let you remove idle time from the timer. Or, it can stop the timer for you when screen is locked/computer goes to sleep.


Working without a timer?
Enable reminders
Clockify will send you a notification, reminding you to start the timer.


Finished working?
Enable automatic stop
Timer can automatically stop when you close the browser or turn off the computer.

Don’t want to bother with the timer?
Enable auto tracker
Clockify will record what apps you use and for how long, so you can manually create time entries from the records.

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This sounds great! I always use the website but now I need to check the Chrome Extension because yes, I ALWAYS forget to start the timer :sweat_smile:

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This seems to work pretty well with the extension, although I’m still to test idle detection outside the browser. However most of the times the reminders don’t seem to work on the Mac desktop app itself. And I don’t think I ever got a “remember to start timer” timer on any of the two, and I have them set to remind after just 1 minute since last entry.

Hi there and welcome to Clockify community!

If you’re having issues with any of the features, feel free to write us at with details regarding the problem and our support team will be happy to help you out.

It’s a really great idea to auto start/stop timer. You provide it for just one start and one end time. I want something like that, is it possible or are you planning to add a feature like this:

  • I will make my plan on clockify or on an integrated app like Google Calendar,
  • Plan would be like work1 (08:00-11:00), work2 (12:00-14:00), work3 (15:00-20:00)
  • Then clockify would remind me to start the work1 when it is 07:55 (or how much earlier I choose it to remind me),
  • Also clockify would start the timer at 08:00 and end it at 11:00. Both of the times it will inform me with a Mac or browser notification.
  • So I can plan my day, week, may be the whole month on clockify and it would be my only app for tracking my work!
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Yes, automating something like this should be possible with Zapier or Integromat by creating GCal events and setting the event as a trigger to create a time entry in Clockify. However, the reminders for this would not be possible to set in Clockify, but perhaps could be set a couple of minutes before the event in GCal.

thanks for developing these features, really useful. Please make them available in the Windows app also!!! greatly missed now