Our team is really liking Clockify so far–simple and easy to navigate.

We just started asking our team to forecast their availability four weeks in advance. This is possible by assigning time entries to a new Project which we have named “Forecasting.” However, all of these forecasted times appear in the Time Tracker, and when we enter weeks which had been forecasted, team members see double the hours.

Is there another way for team members to forecast hours, so that the forecasts do now show on their Time Trackers? Or, is it possible to hide a project from the Time Tracker?

Hi Nick,

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That’s an interesting workflow. Unfortunately, there is no option to hide time entries or a specific project from the Time Tracker page.

Even if you archive the project, the entries with this Project will appear on the Time Tracker.

We appreciate you letting us know what you’re looking for and we’ll keep your feedback for future development.

Thanks Jovana. We have a number of freelancers on our team, so knowing their availability in the future is important to our time tracking. So, if Clockify develops a “Future availability” function, that would be very great for us.