Fixed Price Projects & Hourly Rate Calculation

Hi, I charge fixed price projects, regardless of how many hours I may spend on one. Is there a way to input the price charged/paid for a project and then have Clockify calculate my actual hourly rate based on my time spent?

For example, say I charge a fixed price of £400 for a project and I track that I’ve spent 15 hours on that project. Is there a way to see what my actual hourly rate was on that project in reporting somehow?


Hi Sara! Welcome to Clockify forum.

That definitely sounds interesting and I can see how it could be useful.

At the moment, Clockify doesn’t have such “budget” feature so it is not possible to set a fixed price per project and backtrack the hourly rate.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hello there, is there a plan to implement such feature?
We use Fixed Salary per month mechanism, so it would be nice if there is an option beside employee billable rate is to put a fixed monthly salary.
Edit: for time being, is there a chance to workaround around this for now using integration like Zapier?