Fixed Price Projects & Hourly Rate Calculation

Hi, I charge fixed price projects, regardless of how many hours I may spend on one. Is there a way to input the price charged/paid for a project and then have Clockify calculate my actual hourly rate based on my time spent?

For example, say I charge a fixed price of £400 for a project and I track that I’ve spent 15 hours on that project. Is there a way to see what my actual hourly rate was on that project in reporting somehow?


Hi Sara! Welcome to Clockify forum.

That definitely sounds interesting and I can see how it could be useful.

At the moment, Clockify doesn’t have such “budget” feature so it is not possible to set a fixed price per project and backtrack the hourly rate.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hello there, is there a plan to implement such feature?
We use Fixed Salary per month mechanism, so it would be nice if there is an option beside employee billable rate is to put a fixed monthly salary.
Edit: for time being, is there a chance to workaround around this for now using integration like Zapier?

Hi @Abdo!

I’m glad you have brought up this question again, since we have introduced a new feature Expenses in Clockify (available from Pro plan), which you can use to track fixed prices.

I would suggest to create a separate expense category (e.g. ‘fixed payment’) and than add monthly or other custom date salaries for users or projects in the end of your billing period. Afterwards, you can also export an report for all expenses or include them in Clockify Invoicing.

While this feature doesn’t automatically calculate your hourly rate compared to the fixed price, I believe it would help you to track your fixed pricings easier.

If you have any additional questions about the set up of Expenses, feel free to reach out to us at and I will gladly help you!


Thank you so much Joanna.

You’re welcome @Abdo and if there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to ask!