Find Archived projects in the reports

Hi all - is there any reason why archived projects should not be listed in summary reports?
It is quite irritating checking work and at least income for last month and having different numbers on summary and detailed report - archived projects are not showing up in summary reports - which destroys the quick overview.

Is this a bug - a feature - a what - or am i missing some settings in preferences?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Ok - got ist. Inside the filters it has to bw switched to all - wouldnt it make sense to have ALL chosen initially?

Yes, that’s right. You need to choose “ALL” instead of “ACTIVE”. It’s not perfect, which is why we changed that in the new Detailed report.

We’re working on improving the Summary report too. It will have the same fitlering logic like the Detailed report, but it will take a couple of months before it’s live.