Filter Reports to those WITH client

Within the current report filters we can filter for those “Without client”. We often want the opposite so we can just see those WITH a client, or we wish to filter for everything EXCEPT one of the options.

Use Case
Our Projects in Clockify are split between internal and client ones. We need to be easily filter for one or the other:

  1. Internal project reporting (both already possible):
    Option 1: Set our internal projects up without a client and filter Client to “Without client”.
    Option 2: Set the client for internal projects to “Internal” and filter for Client to “Internal”.

  2. External project reporting (not currently possible):
    Option 1: Set all internal projects to not have a client and filter Client to “With client”.
    Option 2: Filter Client to “Everything EXCEPT internal”.

I hope this is possible as it will make the reports far quicker and easier to use.

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

We can suggest that if you have internal and external projects, leave the internal projects with no client and assign a client to all external ones.
Later when using Reports, if you wish to filter out only the time entries for internal projects, simply select “Without Client” filter.
If you wish to filter out all time entries for the external projects, then you can simply click on the Select all option and deselect the Without client option, which will display all projects that have a client assigned.

Hope this helps!