FeatureRequest: SPLIT Tasks with other Task

Feature Request :slight_smile:

Why is this relevant?
Imagine you’re working on a task that goes over several hours. E.g. Software development.
Now, while doing this, your phone rings, you receive an important EMail or you just go to lunch and - because this urgent stuff is urgent - you don’t stop the time records, so you have one task during the day.
It’s simple to add e.g. 3 PhoneCalls from your call List, but now you have these phone calls always in parallel with the ongoing task.

What is the current situation?
So far, I have to:

  • Note the stoptime of the long task somwhere (e.g. 15:00)
  • Cut the long task to fit the first “parallel” task (e.g. from 15:00 to 11:30 because by 11:30 your phone rang and you had to have this call until 11:45)
  • Add a new task (duplicate) of the first task from 11:45 to 12:30 when you actually went out for lunch
  • Add a new task (duplicate) for the first task from 13:20 to 15:00)

What should be the solution?
I would like to be able to cut the longest task (or tasks) that are intercepted by shorter tasks. It could be an additional Bulk-Edit Option “Split long tasks”

Hello there,

Just a quick note, our dev team is already working on the split time feature and it is on our roadmap which you can check on this link!

We don’t have the exact ETA for this feature, however, it is in development.

I hope this helps!


Sounds good, @Damjan thank you :slight_smile:

Split by another Task is I think a bit different from just “Split in 2”.
I tried to describe the difference in text but it’s faster to describe in a video, so grab enough Popcorn for 1:57min and here you go :slight_smile:

Final note: That’s what I mean with “Simple to integrate in the UI”. You just need to select multiple Tasks