[Feature request] Users choose/create tassk in Kiosk

Congratulation for launching the Kiosk, it’s really good.
I would like to share my thoughts that could improve the workflow of Kiosk.
I know that the Kiosk idea is more usable towards limited users which they don’t have much permissions.

Right now the admin sets a default project, and the users login and track time in that project. But in some cases, I think it would be good if the user has the ability to choose from projects/tasks and creates also projects/tasks while logging-in Kiosk, especially in an environment has different tasks and projects that changes rapidly.

Thank you for your efforts.

Hi @Abdo, thanks for the feedback!

I noted your feature request and will notify you if we decide to start working on it.

Have a nice day!

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Hi @Abdo,

I just wanted to suggest a workaround. In case you have a lot of projects and tasks that change frequently, you or your employees could potentially use our mobile app. That way, they can easily switch tasks throughout the day.

The other alternative could be to assign projects and tasks to different kiosks. Your employees could switch kiosks. Maybe you can open a tab for each project/task, so your employees can choose. You can do the same with different devices. For example, each tablet can have one kiosk opened.

Hope this helps!

Great, this good too, thanks

Along these lines, I would like to see the ability to choose the project rather than tasks or anything similar. My team is more focused on project time and not tasks, tags or clients.

Creating multiple kiosks is cumbersome and inconvenient. The team just wants to “clock in” and get to work on project “X” or “Y”, anything outside of a single kiosk and screen is one additional step that could get in the way.

Thanks for a great app!

Hi @Mike_B, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Thanks for the feedback! I noted your suggestion and will let you know if we decide to start working on ti.

Have a nice day!