Feature Request: Universal Search for Project OR Task

It would be a smoother user experience if this search bar allowed us to input the task name, client name, or Project name. It’s a rather tedious exercise to type in what I’m looking for, only to have no results return because it is not a Project name, but rather a task name.

The current task@project method doesn’t actually improve this problem, because then searching for a Project name returns no results.

To increase efficiency and reduce the clunkiness of this experience, it would be helpful to have this search bar search all three data types. On that note, it would also be helpful to turn off the client names for those of us who would like to simplify the UI here as well.

Hi Enoma! The task@project syntax still allows you to search for both projects and clients, you just need to add the @ before the name of the project/client.

Example: If you have a project named “Test” and a Client named “Mark”, you can search for that project by typing @test in the project picker.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Jovana. That will be helpful in the future.

I still would love to see this feature shifted towards a universal search without needing to add an @ symbol.

Requiring the @ for search is not intuitive for most users. We don’t use “Tasks” in our workflow so it is just confusing for our users that they search by the project and nothing comes up so they end up scrolling through the long list of projects to find their project. This is particularly frustrating on mobile.

Hi Marya! If you don’t use Tasks at all, and you want to search only by Project name, it’s possible to disable the Task filter.
To disable it, click on the Settings button in the sidebar, and there, deactivate the Task filter option.

After you deactivate it, you will be able to search for the project without the @ character in front of its name.

I hope this helps!

Thank you! That definitely works much better. (I do still like the original request for a universal search however)